You are welcome!
I'm Vitali Emelianov - a practical oriented researcher. In 2017 I'm going to finish my PhD in applyed physics at the UAS Jena in department SciTec, group of Mr. I. Konovalov. My promotion activity was financially supported by Photograd project. It has included research in the concepts and development of prototypes of a new hot carrier solar cell.
There was my fortune to work under the guidance of Mr. I. Konovalov in this polyhedral project: our actual double hetero structure shows extra ordinal functionality and experimentally confirms extraction of the photogenerated hot carriers at room temperature to the prototype contacts. The research in the work group of Prof. Dr. habil. I. Konovalov is now going on further.
Currently I'm looking for a R&D industrial position preferred in the field of thechnology of II-VI or III-V semiconductors for sensors, optoelectronics or advanced photovoltaics. Here you can see how my knowledges and experience can be useful for your team. Also you can surely contact me to discuss your proposals and alternative positions.